Embedded, wireless, connected - long standing knowledge and experience from established business and start-ups.


Technical expert and development services in embedded, communication, technical IT, and industrialization with industry-independent technology and development methodology. High technical skills and industrial experience to develop advanced products and systems. We deliver services all the way from idea to market launch. We constantly develop our expertise and develop our skills as the market changes. We deliver in close cooperation with our customers. Always with customer focus. We offer flexible commercial models tailored to customers or projects to deliver the greatest possible value to our customers. We deliver single technical experts, entire development teams or turn-key engagements. A successful day on the job for us is when is when we have made the impossble, possible … .


We work with fantastic clients and the cutting-edge of technology. If you want to know more, follow the link below.


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Innovation Labs is solely focused on helping entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. What makes Innovation Labs your perfect technology partner is that we dare to think differently. A lot of companies are run by talented business people who have limited technical knowledge. For such companies we mean that one should have another way of working together. We work closely with the customer, as part of the customer's own development team, with full access to all the skills a large development and technology company that Tritech can offer. When the project is launched commercially, we want to feel the same joy and pride as the customer.


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Leading technology - Leading products - Leading suppliers. The products span a combination of well-established suppliers and niche manufacturers in areas such as Computer-On-Modules, Box Computers, Industrial Data Storage and Networking. Together with our services, we customize and integrate third-party products into complete, customer made products Our promise is that we can deliver faster, with higher quality and more cost-effective than you can find elsewhere on the market.


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