We work industry independent with products and systems with high demands on reliability, availability and security.

The customer holds patents for a particular drilling technique that referred to as orbital drilling technology. The technology combines a drilling and a milling motion at the drill tool, which enables drilling with high precision in sandwich construction. The technology also makes it possible to make reductions without a tool change. The company's customers today are found in the global aviation industry.


Tritech has acted as a partner for the company for many years. Tritech has developed a complete control system for a new generation of drilling equipment, covering the entire product development from start to finish, covering specification and development of electronics and software, radio design, functional testing, industrialization, production and production testing.


The customer's customer is a leading, global company for commercial aircraft that requires extreme precision, reliability and safety requirements. Especially critical has been the radio solution, where one download prescriptions to the drilling device via RFID radio, which must be reliable and functional in every situation.


The product is a stable, fully functional product, approved for commercial rollout, and in use in commercial operation at one leading global company for commercial aircrafts. The system has a modular software design, which enables the possibilities to further develop new functions and features, as well as use the “platform” in new implementations in a straightforward way.



Embedded system, electronics, radio, industrialization


The customer is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced automotive electronics for the global heavy vehicle industry. Product development based on own platforms for faster development and higher degree of reuse.

Tritech has for many years been a strategic partner in product development. Tritech has been involved in the development of software, electronics and communications solutions, as well as testing and verification in many of the customer's products, such as instrumentation panels, digital tachographs, and telematics. All of these products require high availability and real-time performance. Common communication protocols (CAN, K-lina, etc.) in the automotive industry often appear as a component in the development.

During a long and successful cooperation, the customer has been able to take the step of manufacturing products for its customers and to invest in the development of own products. The customer's first own product, a digital tachograph, has resulted in a market success.


Embedded systems, real-time systems, communications, vehicle electronics, volume production


The customer is a leading global supplier in farm management. Tritech, as development partner, has developed and deployed a robust IoT systems for automated rutt detection of dairy cows. This has lead to an optimization of milk production and profitability for the farmer.


In this project, Tritech has developed a new radio-based system for automated rutt detection of dairy cows.

The system is based on radio-based activity meters located on the cow. The device communicates with Receivers usually located in the ceiling of the barn. The Receiver are then connected via a "system controller" to the farm's "Farm Management System" where data is analysed to give the farmer an optimal rutt detection for each individual dairy cow. Through a repeater function at the receivers and an opportunity to place them in a solar powered outdoor cabinets, one also cover grass land farms.

Tritech has been technical responsible for all components of the system such as:

- Activity meter (placed on the cow)
- Receiver

- System controller
- Wireless, solar powered repeater

- Integration to Farm Management system

The products are designed for high volume manufacturing and are today delivered in large volumes worldwide. The products are designed for extremely tough environmental and certified to be sold globally.


The system gives the farmer an automatic rutt detection that reduces reproduction costs and optimizes milk production, and thus the overall profitability of the farm.


Radio design, embedded system, gateway/repeater, industrialization, Radio Certification, volume production, complete product development


One of the key challenges for the transportation industry is to secure the transport from door to door, and given access to the final door.


Without a master key the transporter can be granted access for a certain purpose and a certain time. This can happen through a technology development where today´s and tomorrow´s access control systems can be accessible through mobile phones and smart wearables by delegating access to a certain user.


A smart lock can send an encrypted digital key to a user that is valid only at certain times on specific dates. The digital key is stored safely and securely on their mobile device. Easy and secure key management for everyone you temporally need to let in to your home such as food delivery, parcel delivery, the cleaner, etc. The concept is available for a number of use cases.


Tritech has since 2016 been involved in developing this concept together with the customer, The customer introduced the idea and Tritech was instrumental in verifying the technologies behind the idea. Step one was to verify that the technology works in large scale to the right costs and that services for different types of users can be created in a straight forward manner.


The main project is now targeting a limited roll out in 2018 and full scale roll out from 2019. It is about to build an end to end encryptions and security system which can grant access to different users in a flexible way – software implemented in end nodes, mobile app and in BE Access Control Systems, ACS, end2end. The ACS is the heart of the solution, which host and control encryption keys and access.


Smart wearable BLE 5.0, gateway, security, assymetric encryptation, back end software, AWS, industrialization, User Experience


Tritech was asked to build the software for a communications hub for smart metering.

Together with several suppliers in a global project, Tritech has delivered a communications hub for gas and electricity meters. The communications hub communicate with a central system via cellular networks and wireless mesh radio. The communications solution will be permanently connected to the internet, it has been designed with extremely rigorous requirements for security, robustness and scalability.

Tritech's part of the solution has included the communication hub's core features, such as mesh technology for communication, security solutions for the Internet of Things, and how software can be downloaded to the communications hub during operation. With requirements on reliability and security.

The project has been challenging due to a short time schedule, especially when certain requirements were not set when the work was commenced and that the smart metering communications standards were not initially set. The work has been pushed forward in an agile fashion, where the system solution has gradually evolved. Over 2 years, a large number of Tritech engineers have worked to design and build the communications hub software. Tritech has been one of three software development hubs globally. The others have been located to the UK and in Asia.


Communication, R/F Mesh, Software download, security, IoT


The customer develops high performing base transceiver antennas for mobile telephony.


Tritech has developed electronics and software for a Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) By adjusting the antenna lobes to limit the range, you can install more antennas within one area, thus connecting and serving more mobile phones.


The hardware is based on a standard hardware from Tritech and several of Tritech's own standard software. For the ultimate focus on industrial products, Tritech was also responsible for producing the electronics as well as test equipment until the product was stable. Tritech then made transfer of production to permanent contract manufacturers.


The customer had high demands on time to market, large volumes in a short time frame, of course with quality and functionality. The project was conducted in an extremely short period of time. The first prototypes were available after four months and an industrial product had been delivered for thousands of nine months. The work was carried out quickly through agile development, parallel activities, ruthless priority, focus and with the result delivery on time.


Since the first version, Tritech has further developed and developed further RET software and hardware as well as responsible for maintenance, support and further development.


RET, embedded systems, customized electronics, industrialization, start up of volume production


The customer is a global leader in biometric data capture for passports and ID documents – This market is expected to grow rapidly. Soon there will be cost efficient solutions for digital capture of signature, fingerprints, hand geometry, eyes, earlobes, etc.


Tritech has designed and delivered the next generation of one of the company's products, from concept design to rollout of finished product. The product is modular and scalable and will be the basis for a completely new product family. The solution comprise COMe technology.

The development work has included electronics for carrier and interconnect boards, including embedded software, as well as the mechanical parts. The integration work has included software development, test and systems integration of peripheral devices, such as cameras, fingerprint readers, scanners, etc from several different suppliers.

The result is a flexible and extremely scalable product platform that has been reused in several of the customer's products. The development time from idea to market introduction has been short.


Biometrics, complete product development, integration, industrialization, ComE


Bellpal is built for our seniors and is changing aging for the better, improving the lives of seniors, their families and caregivers. We want our seniors to be able to age comfortably and with freedom in their own homes. We want them to stay connected to their family and communities. Bellpal is a smart watch with a fall detection alarm and positioning system. Bellpal detects and prevents falls and enables personalized, preventative care. Tritech is the turn key provider for the complete BellPal offering – from the smart watch to the app. Scope include electronics for the watch, communications through BLE and backend software, as well as most of the integration work. The smart watch includes a unique fall detection algorithm that is provided by an external algorithm software supplier. The service is to be launched during 2018.


For more see bellpal.com


Adjustable electronics, BLE, machine learning, backend software, Amazon Web Services, app development, User Experience.

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