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You've got brilliant ideas. You know what is required for your products to be sold and marketed according to plan. Therefore, we understand that it may be frustrating to sometimes lack the technical knowledge required to realize the goals. Innovation Labs wants to be your technical guide throughout the journey from idea to launch. With som 130 own engineers and a great partner network, we can guarantee that you only need one contact for all your technology needs on your way to success.


Our goal is to use clear language and minimize advanced technical terminology. We use your language so you will understand.


Always full speed ahead. We understand that there are many reasons why you need to launch as soon as possible.


Innovation Labs is a one-stop shop for rapid launch. We will not send you to anyone else to fix your problems or opportunities.


Vi anser att varje projekt är unikt och därför tar vi tillsammans fram en enkel affärsplan på hur ni skall lyckas.


It is not important to tell everyone how competent we are (for us). Instead we want to show how we work and deliver results at once. Therefore, we have developed a free starter package that we offer selected entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs to help out to quickly and easily evaluate the technical parts of your concept.


Our engineers will analyse your projects and provide recommendations.

We provide you with a set of questions that gives us a basic idea where you are in your product launch.

We've developed a guide that shows which steps you should take in a technical development project and what to consider.


Without experience, it is not easy to formulate what it takes to carry on the project. We provide you with documentation and a guide on how to write a relevant requirement specification.


Innovation Labs provide a statement about what we think is required in terms of time and resources to realize the project, also including traps and risks.

Sounds good? Why not start in the right away. Together we will get a better understanding of your ideas and products and thus save time and avoid misunderstandings along the way. Time is always crucial when launching an innovative product to the market. Start with the questionnaire below


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