In 1999, Kevin Ashton coined the term "Internet of Things". By then we had already worked with the technology for eight years. Tritech was founded in 1991 and right from the start we have worked with technology at the forefront. Or as we usually say "The next thing is our thing".

Tritech is a complete development house. We take on overall commitments as well as expert assignments where we offer services in product development, project management, and production-related business development. With our teams of engineers and business developers, we help our customers tailor innovative and cost-effective solutions for the future. Our expertise extends from sensor to application and cloud and we have technical experts in electronics design, embedded software development, application development, project management, and business development.

We know the challenges of developing products. To date, we have developed over 600 solutions, and we offer customized products and solutions via Tritech Solutions as well as visualization tools via FindOut Technologies.

We work in most industries. The products and systems often have high demands on availability, reliability, and security. For us, the customer is always in focus and everything we do must always generate sustainable business benefits.

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Since January 2021 are part of Prevas AB, together with our subsidiaries and sister companies. Prevas is a development house with broad competence in industry development and product development.

Together, we are a group of companies that have a strong offering, combined with very good geographical coverage and a customer base that includes the majority of the largest Research and Development companies in Sweden. In total, we are 800 employees who are passionate about making good use of technology's opportunities.




Tritech will deliver the right results at the right time and at the right cost in a manner that meets our customers' expectations. View our policy in PDF (in swedish).


Tritech acts in a way that we minimise environmental effects and keep natural resources. We work according to the following basic rules and principles:

  • We apply to rules, regulations and standards

  • We take responsibility for the environment and act direct and with clear responsibility at incidents and where there is risk for health, injuries, security or environment.

  • We protect the environment and the natural resources. In our daily work we use methods and knowledge to keep environmental impact to as low level as possible. In all technical design, choice of materials and equipment we always consider environmental impact.

  • We demand our suppliers to work for environmental awareness.

  • We improve our environmental work through continuous improvements.

Feel free to view our environmental policies and certificates (swe):

CERT 9001-0220

CERT 14001-0220



We hereby declare that we have taken within the due diligence to ensure that our supply chain Material Gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), tin (Sn) does not come from conflict regions.
Based on information from our supply chain, Tritech does not knowingly use metals derived from conflict regions.
Tritech requires our suppliers demonstrate in writing that their products do not use metal from conflict areas.

For more information see PDF.

Tritech acts in a way that we minimise environmental effects and keep natural resources.To read more see PDF.

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