Autonomous cars contain the most complex hardware and software ever deployed by automakers. The software must process a flood of data from sensors such as cameras, LiDAR and radar in real time to form a model of the car’s surroundings and make safe decisions on control of the vehicle. This requires highly efficient, safe and secure software that can make use of special purpose hardware (accelerators) for vision processing and deep neural-net based machine learning algorithms. The QNX Platform for ADAS provides a functionally safe software foundation that enables the above functions to deliver an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for automated driving.


The QNX Platform for ADAS is built upon the QNX OS for Safety, which is certified by TÜV Rheinland to ISO 26262 ASIL D. This certification also includes tool chain qualification for the C compiler, assembler and linker at level TCL 3.


A product by BlackBerry QNX.

QNX Advanced Driver Assistance Systems



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