The QNX® SDK for Apps and Media leverages the latest open technologies for application development ( HTML5, Qt, OpenGL ES ) and allows device manufacturers to build compelling mobile-like interfaces with full multimedia capabilities, powered by secure, reliable, and field-proven QNX technologies.


Driven by the ‘smartphone’ generation, embedded device manufacturers are being forced to build more compelling UIs. Building  smartphone-like UIs requires many subsystems including multimedia, audio, video codecs and graphics subsystem that make it easy to control, render from multiple sources.


QNX provides a platform that brings the user experience of mobile devices to secure and reliable embedded systems.


  • Superior Browser Support
  • Qt and HTML5 application development
  • Secure App Management
  • Complete Multimedia Support
  • Rapid prototyping


A product by BlackBerry QNX

QNX SDK For Apps And Media



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