The QNX® SDK for Bluetooth® Connectivity offers developers a fast and easy path to building Bluetooth-enabled systems powered by the QNX OS. Designed for flexibility, the SDK offers a dual-mode Bluetooth Smart Ready stack with a comprehensive list of profiles to support connectivity with Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy devices for a wide range of general embedded markets.


The QNX SDK for Bluetooth Connectivity, underpinned by the highly reliable QNX OS, offers developers a low-risk path for building highly robust, interoperable systems using the latest Bluetooth protocols and profiles.  Ported to run on different processor architectures, and supporting the host controller interface (HCI) protocol, the solution ensures customers are not locked in to any particular vendor processor or Bluetooth controller hardware IC. Making use of the same code base, customers can enable Bluetooth connectivity across their product line, leveraging their development efforts across the entire product portfolio. This reduces project risk and helps to improve their revenue-to-cost ratio.


  • Flexible, modular architecture, with no hardware lock-in
  • De-risk project development with up-to-date proven and certified IP
  • Guarantee interoperability
  • Reuse code base across product line, with little to no changes
  • Benefit from a one-stop shop single supplier


A product by BlackBerry QNX

QNX SDK For Bluetooth Connectivity



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