Natural thoughts about AI

Wherever you look today, it's difficult to avoid the subject of artificial intelligence. This concept and its subdivisions (such as machine learning) are still in their infancy. For this reason, there is much on-going speculation in academia, industry, and among other stakeholders about the future capabilities of these systems. One thing is certain though; we must prepare ourselves.

With great technological advances, extensive societal changes take place. The industrial revolution paved way for modern welfare but is also cause for much of the environmental issues we see today. The productivity increase due to the arrival of the machines does appears steadfast still today. However, what has happened these recent years is that the previously increasing hours spent by human workers has stagnated. The same conclusion is draw in the article "The Future of

Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerization?" where Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne (2013) estimate that 47 % of US jobs are at risk of disappearing due to automation within the next few decades.

In short, the mechanical brains are expected to become even smarter and replace us in even more roles. They can already find our tumors, write news articles and music, they can even develop their own software ...

and then we have not even touched on the subject of "super- intelligence" yet! So it is undoubtedly time that we start preparing ourselves. Work, education, ethics, and legislation is only a few things that have to be reviewed. Who is responsible when an autonomous car crashes? How should a robot assess the classic trolley problem?

These questions are typical examples of problems knocking on the door already.

The least we can do is to keep oneself up to date with the topics and start thinking about how to handle AI. We have a hugely exciting time ahead of us and I'm happy to be a part of that challenge. Now, let's do the best for our future world through careful though, both human and artificial.

Ludvig Michaelsson

System developer at Tritech


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