Equal industry before retirement?

When I started my studies at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in the fall of 2012, less than a third of the admitted students were women. As an undergraduate I studied engineering within design and product realization, which is one of the programs with the largest proportion of girls at KTH. When I later chose to pursue a post grad degree within mechatronics, where the courses mainly consist of programming and electronics, I could count the number of girls in the class on my left hand. I have been a minority throughout my university education and, according to all statistics, I will be a minority in this industry until the day I retire.

During my education, I lacked female role models. In KTH's annual report from 2016, I read that out of all professors at KTH (including guest professors) only 13% are women. Swedish listed company boards have 21% women, which is only one percentage point increase from last year. At this rate, we will have equal company boards when I'm around 50. So, maybe this is a non-problem for my future daughters. I really hope so, but I also hope that we can solve the problem far sooner than that.

This year, Armada (KTH’s work fair) has chosen Diversity as one of their core values, and it makes me both happy and proud that this issue has been raised on such a big event. It's going to be interesting to see how this keyword pervades the fair, and I hope this leads to discussions about distribution in terms of gender and to ideas on how to move forward. We need to raise more women in tech, because women raise women and thus we might get a stop on the evil circle. This year I am extra excited to visit Armada and to represent Tritech, as a woman in the tech industry. In addition to talking to the visitors about Tritech, maybe I can also inspire some girls to choose a technologically advanced master. And if we raise more female role models, I'm sure we will see more applications from girls to KTH and other engineering universities over the next few years.

Johanna Nordlöf

Software Developer in embedded systems at Tritech



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