Developing code and building with Lego

Sandbox games, such as Lego kits, are about linking thousands of puzzles to solve a problem or to realize an idea. Let's say that, for example, we will build a city. Initially you could use Lego products, which separately solve some parts of the problem - maybe we have kits for a summerhouse, a hospital and a train station. On their own, they do not solve every aspect of ​​building a city, but if combined, we’re well on our way.

Building with Lego develops the ability to solve small problems and concepts. Take how we construct a staircase or kitchen becomes a house, extend that into how a house can turn a village into a proper city. As we become more comfortable with our buildings, previous concepts can be reused to develop new ideas.

To build faster there are two possibilities, either you could play with Lego together with another person or purchase a new Lego product that solves the problems that arise. In the software world, the latter solution might correspond to a library, and if we talk about C ++ as an example, these products / libraries should be built separately before they can be used just like the bought Lego products. Each product / library contains a solution to a specific problem, just like a build-up Lego that contains the pieces of puzzle to build a specific product.

So, even in software development, the same is true as for the sake of a Lego project - if the project becomes clearer, more people are required to work together, or to purchase finished products that solve parts of the problem. Once all parts have been purchased and linked together, each line of code can be resembled as a single piece of Lego.

Software development and sandbox games basically have the same characteristics. A Lego bit or a line of code itself is nothing but without it the whole building can collapse. Another common factor is that both activities are endless in their own but ends by either a product owner who is not willing to pay more or parents who say that you have to clean your room for a visit.

Michael Kmoch

Colleague at Tritech


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