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During a coffee break I talked to one of our customers, David Ziemsky, founder of the start-up BellPal. What is a startup looking for when it comes to tech-partners and the ability to quickly reach the market with your innovations and products? And what qualities are you looking for in a potential partner? Over a coffee, David took the time to reflect and respond.

"It's really simple," David said. Honest and specific feedback is so important. They need to understand the challenges and financial reality of a startup. When we met, things just clicked. It was the focus on actions rather than preparations and strategies. We went into the lab and started testing immediately and gave your point of view. That’s a very smart, efficient way and many uncertainties were cleared right then and there. .

David thinks further and says

“Even though we didn’t know exactly how to solve everything, we had started a process that will lead to a successful result. We knew we would break the technical challenges with this approach eventually.

Our coffee break is over and we have to get back to our separate things. I sat down and wrote this text. David had to get back to BellPal's business plan.

Is this a winning concept? Testing in the lab, explaining and showing. No extreme specs or PowerPoint presentations, at least not initially, just do it! This really isn’t anything new but it should definitely be repeated. Unlike existing profitable companies, a startup lacks time and money, so a “just do it” attitude is even more important.

If you have the lack of money, you also have to find business models that work for everyone. If not, then it may click during the first meetings but won’t work in the long run. That was also the reason for our commitment to Innovation Labs, a focus on helping entrepreneurs and startups as a technology partner. We dare to think differently and acknowledge that we must find a winning business model for all involved parties. Innovation Labs have been running for 18 months and we can conclude that the initiative so far has been successful and there are great opportunities ahead. It’s truly a privilege to be able to work so closely with the innovative minds that create the tech-future we’ll be living in. In true startup spirit I must say there’s no end to the possibilities we create together.

Åke Wernelind

CEO, Tritech

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Driven by compassion and powered by technology, Bellpal is changing aging for the better, improving the lives of seniors, their families and caregivers. Bellpal is a watch with a fall detection alarm and positioning system for seniors and their caregiver ecosystem including relatives, care providers and senior homes. Bellpal detects and prevents falls and enables personalized, preventative care improving the quality of life for seniors and their loved ones. Bellpal is for seniors living in their own homes or in senior care facilities.


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