Tritech & TechEq

Did you know that according to a recent report from the network Teknikkvinnor, only 1 out of 10 women working in the tech industry consider their workplace equal? And that 37% feel that their employer does nothing to improve the situation (Nyteknik). Diversity is a high-priority at Tritech, and we work with it in several ways, including workshops about daily inclusion and part-taking in different engagements for attracting more girls to tech. However, a homogeneous group is still dominating the industry, and despite the efforts of Tritech and many others, the change is slow. We are Maria Markovska (Software Engineer) and Ingrid Joelsson (HR & Recruitment), and we're here to talk to you about Techeq – a network for industry colleagues who want to learn about diversity together, spread knowledge and act for improvements in the tech space.

It all began in 2014 when Tritech, Netlight, Tieto, and MTG decided to start collaborating on this matter. We all agreed that diversity within the tech-space is an industry-wide problem, and hence the industry needs to unite to solve it. When it comes to creating an environment that is safe and welcoming for everyone regardless of background, we are not competitors, we are allies. And we need to learn from each other in order to improve.

Inspired by this insight and the vision to improve both their own company and the industry as a whole, the TechEq network was created. The focus has been placed on knowledge sharing and it is the individual contribution of each member that drives TechEq forward. Throughout the years the TechEq network has arranged many seminars from member companies, addressing different areas within equality and providing a space for valuable discussions.

It has been an amazing ride, but we feel like we need to do more and we’re writing our new story. From being a big network with over 150 companies signed up, we’re going back to our core. We’re making our members pledge again. We’re making them pledge that they will not only be a part of TechEq for branding but for their will to improve their company and the industry as a whole.

Today, membership in TechEq means that an organization is willing to actively work towards a more equal industry. This means that the organization takes initiative to contribute with knowledge and insights, as well as listen and learn from others. All our members are obligated to actively participate in the network. However, this can be done in different ways and on different levels. Some companies might prefer to host an event, whilst others might be more comfortable in writing a blog post or contributing their thoughts in our internal discussions. We also encourage our members to track different diversity-metrics and, if possible, share this information within the group to identify common challenges and focus areas.

Why is this important? The purpose of TechEq is to fundamentally change the tech industry towards equality. We want everyone to feel like the tech industry is a place where they belong and want to stay. According to a survey by Women in Tech, described in DiDigital, many women have considered leaving tech due to the workplace culture. And many women choose to move on to less technical roles over time. On a structural level, this becomes important, since the technology that we all use in large parts of our daily lives should reflect the needs and perspectives of many different people. We would all benefit from using most of our collected competence and perspectives to drive the technical development forward. And as a network of tech companies, we have the power to achieve change if we work together.

Be part of something big! As a member of TechEq, you benefit from knowledge sharing and support between companies and are given an opportunity to make an impact beyond your workplace. We expect our members to contribute, and in return, you get access to the knowledge sharing events, blog posts, seminars, and internal discussions. It’s a collaboration that benefits everyone. If you want to be a part of TechEq or know more about our work, don't hesitate to contact us at You can also read more about the network here.

Equality within the tech industry concerns everyone. Let's work together for a better future for all!

/ Maria & Ingrid (Tritech’s representatives in the TechEq steering group)