No matter where you are in your product development cycle, we have the skills to help you succeed.


We are software developers and systems architects and work with software on the micro controller or in the real time operating system. We love all aspects of development of embedded systems. In many cases the solutions are complicated due to small foot print, extensive functionality, and specific requirements on performance and cost. We work in own turn-key engagements as well as experts and systems developers in our customers product development projects.

In turn key engagements we work according to our own methods and models to secure time to market, quality, testability and maintainablility, including automation of test and build/release processes. We have vast experiences from software solutions that work autonomous in the field, where there are high demands on availability and possibilities to upgrade software on distance (specifically over the air software update)

We offer development of security critical software according to standards such as EN 50128, CENELEC, DO178-B, ISO26262.


  • RTOS

  • Micro control units

  • Radio and wireless systems and protocols

  • Routing algorithms and mesh technology

  • IP communication, IP6LoWPAN

  • Wireless protocols such as Zigbee and THREAD

  • Cellular communications and software for modems

  • Embedded Linux

  • Security critical systems

  • Methods for software development that works



At Tritech, we have extensive experience of developing comprehensive solutions, from hardware, through low-level software, to application software, which connects embedded systems with each other and with the user. We develop all the way from idea to market launch, and preferably work test-driven and agile. We deliver single experts, development teams at the customer premises or turn-key engagement. Through open dialogue we make sure that you always know where we stand and where we are heading and what obstacles there are.


Connected systems from "device to cloud" require system thinking and many times, there are complete building blocks for different parts of a complete connected system. System thinking, system knowledge and system integration are becoming increasingly important in building tomorrow's connected solutions.


Security is also becoming increasingly important, the more connected we will become, design for security occurs in the design phase of a system. We follow industry practices and standards for "IoT Security". User Experience is also an area that is increasing in relevance. Also industrial systems require a nice GUI and a relevant user experience

Whether we do the work as a team or with an individual expert, we can always lean against the rest of Tritech.

Tritech delivers expert services in technical application development "from device to cloud" and with development in most languages ​​in modern application development.



Tritech offers expert services in testing and verification, from development of test strategy and testing techniques, to individual testing experts to complete testing teams for shorter or longer commitments.


We always see test as an integrated part of the product development and product launch process. We always strive for high degree of automated tests. The focus lies in testing and verification of embedded software and industrial applications often with high demands on availability, reliability and security.


Our engineers are passionate about testing and developing high quality software. All Tritech test engineers are ISTQB certified at least at least on basic level. We also offer our customers training packages for ISTQB combined with testing automation and development of test framework.


  • Complete test teams

  • Design and implementation of test automation

  • Training. ISTQB and Test Framework

  • Test developmed, from unit test to system test

  • Test lead and test management

  • Change management in testing



Full range of services that span turn-key engagements, from concepts and ideas to ready to go product, to specialist and expert services in various parts of the value chain. We take on assignments at our home premises as well at customers’ sites. In several of the assignments, our experts are used as trouble-shooters for quick results.


When Tritech take on full responsibility from design to product, we work according to our own methods and models to ensure time to market, high quality, early pre-compliance certification, focus on industrial production and testability, as well as an optimized manufacturing cost.


Tritech has developed several hundred products for our customers and we know what is required to mass-manufacture hardware electronics. We have extensive experience of industrialization and start-up of production and among our references, you will find volume series of up to a million produced units.


  • Analogue and digital electronic design

  • Radio design

  • Power electronics

  • Design of low-power electronics

  • Battery design and technology

  • FPGA design

  • Cost rationalization of electronics

  • Certification of entire products or subsystems, including radio certifications (eg CE and FCC)

  • Industrialization and start-up of production



We offer the development of automated and semi-automated test systems - from radio-based products to safety-critical electronic systems. We are specialists in testing and verifying electronic products, from start to finish. We have developed a broad and deep understanding of hardware tests through years of experiences from many projects through the complete product life cycle. We also build and develop production test systems to meet expected yield and quality on manufactured electronics.​


We provide expert services for testing and verifying electronics from test coverage analysis and testability to completed testing and development testing and field-testing. Our customers are often found in sectors where the demands are high for availability, reliability and security. We have methodologies for developing and test of security critical systems such as field tree analysis, hazard analytics, MTBF, MTTR, FMEA.



  • Development of test systems

  • Development and build of production test

  • Experts in ModelSim, LabVIEW & Analytical Approach

  • Test coverage analysis

  • Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

  • Test automation

  • Test of SIL classed systems (Security Critical Systems)

  • Education and training


All our test engineers are ISTQB-certified.



Our R&D Electronics lab is the core for most of our product development projects. In our lab facility we develop, adopt and verify prototypes and products. We offer advanced trouble shooting of products. We can also offer low volume products of electronics. We certify electronics in order to take your product to the market in a fast and cost effective way. The tests we can’t manage in our own facility we carry out together with partners and sub-contractors, such as complex radio tests and full certification of industrial products. We have a number of partners who help us where we don’t have capabilities ourselves, such as complex antenna design, manufacturing, production test equipment and product certification



  • EMC immunity testing

  • Climate chamber testing

  • Certifications CE, FCC, and for specific markets

  • Isolation test

  • Prototype development and low volume production

  • Radio and spectrum analysis

  • Signal integrity test and verification

  • Evaluation of electronics components and systems

  • Antenna design and verification

  • 3D printing (for smaller mechanical details)



Tritech's customers work with product and service development. Within Technology Management, we help to use the technology, based on the knowledge at the entire company. Typical roles that we take in shorter or longer commitments are:


Project management and technical project management with both feet on the ground, both technically and commercially
Process change, such as architecture, development, testing, product management
Lead or support in times of technology changes
Lead-time improvements in product development
Business development and creation of business value
Managing sub-contractors, especially manufacturing and certificates.


All the skills we offer have relevant industrial experience and / or specific sectoral knowledge and 10+ years of relevant experience.


Many times, a service from Technology Management starts as a co-operation aiming at new product development or existing product upgrade, or a change management process or transition from one technology to another.



Electronics platforms is today smaller, less costly and more powerful than some years ago, and the development proceede in a fast pace. Linux as operating system substantially increase in all sorts of industrial platforms. Tritech has the skills and capability to deliver and support to jump start and to deliver expert services to respond to advanced technical challenges and trouble shooting. Tritech has years of experiences and capabilities in Yocto, WindRiver, Debian, Ångström and OpenEmbedded. Tritech offers a set of packaged services and solutions:



Design Review and Architecture
Tritech offers a package service for design studies and/or design review, to jump start or to get a second opinion of a design or solution.


Jump Start Service
To jump start your environment and technical frameworks with the aim that maintanance and support will be kept to a minimum Tritech has a ready to go packaged services, including a set of open source software components based on Yocto, GIT, Jenkins, etc with Vagrant scripts to set up ready to use environments in hours instead of weeks. The environment supports agile development methods such as Contnuous Integration and includes test tools for unit and system testing.


Embedded Test and Test Development

Linux through Tritech’s Test Framework with Continuous Integration for unit and system test, including also automated build and release processes.


Industrialization of BSP Builds
A rapid way to build industrial processes for BSP builds when ramping up manufacturing or for a prototype and/or zero series manufacturing using Tritech’s own distribution Trinux (based on Yocto).

Call an Expert
Within 48 working hours Tritech warrants qualified responses on qualified technical items and issues through our network of dedicated Linux experts. A first respons within 48 hours, can later lead toa delivery on site to identify and solve the issues and problems.

Specific Expert Services
More general technical servcies for shorter or longer assignments to speed up delivieries, resolve technical challenges, trouble shoot and reinforce knowledge and experiences, for example during system upgrades, system portings and more general development/maintenance. Key works are kernel, boot loaders, drivers, protocol stacks, boot time, power management.


User Interface
For industrial applications based on QT, including back-end systems and hardware integrations.

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